Tuesday, April 27, 2010


A few Kaspar construction studies I did last night, they're okay. I didn't bother with some of the details, and I hate the way I was drawing that left hand.


A drawing I found on Jim Smith's blog. One of a few construction studies I've done this past week. I tried redrawing it in hopes of capturing the immense weight weighing down on Ren. By the way, the way I drew Ren sucks, I know. But other than that, it feels close.. until compared to the original. Proportions are off, the arms bulge even more, his right hand needs to be larger, with more shape to his fingers, his head needs to be pushed left and his mouth expression needs to be even more extreme, and his feet need to be smaller and a little higher. Ren needs to be a lot smaller as well, for a greater contrast.

More of the construction studies on the way!

Charlie McCarthy comic

Charlie McCarthy - Saves The Circus (1952)
Picked up this comic over the weekend. The colors were pretty faded so I bumped them up a little.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tom and Jerry Comic

Alright, as promised here is the rest of the comic from the first scan.

The other pages...
Page1 / Page2 / Page3 / Page4 / Page5 / Page6 / Page7 / Page8 / Page9 / Page10

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tom and Jerry Comic

I have an old Tom and Jerry comic that I'm interested in finding out who did the drawings for. Near each title says "reprinted by popular demand" but no sign of an artist's signature. The original copyright dates are 1957, 1956, 1954. The interior page was pretty faded so I bumped the colors up some.

Update: These comics were by Harvey Eisenberg, more scans on the way!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

George Liquor Inks #2

I just did a couple more inks, George still remains a fairly complex character in design, but a lot of fun to ink.

George Liquor Inks

Here are some digital inkings of John K's George Liquor character that I did last night. He's a much more complex character than it seems. It took a little more effort to find a good balance with the line weights, but all in all a good run.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Hey, Fat Stuff!

Another Digital Ink! I did this one last night, it took about an hour to do all three characters. This came from one of John K's story pitches, Comic Book Day.

Plucky Ink

I found these character designs of Plucky Duck by John K to be hilarious! All of them probably took a couple hours, inking multiple drawings of the same character gets quicker and quicker, you get a steady feel for where the lines go. Here's the original sketches followed by my inks.

Jimmy, Digital Ink

The first ink test was good but I had Brian's finished ink to reference. I wanted to try inking a sketch that hadn't been inked yet, so I could really rely on myself. I found this sketch of one of John K's characters. Here's the original sketch followed by my digital inking.

Ink Test

I came across a tutorial by Brian Romero recently explaining how he goes about doing his inking for cartoons and illustration using Illustrator. This, along with information that Mr. John K has supplied, made a lot of sense and seemed easy to apply to these illustrations.

I followed Bryan's tutorial using the same example, a drawing by Pedro Vargas. Here's the original:

The next three are my inks starting with the initial strokes, then a little more detail, and then the final digital "inking". The tutorial requires a Wacom tablet, but since I don't have one yet, I went about this using Illustrator's pen tool and my own custom brushes, and I think it turned out pretty good for a first try.

More about inking:
Brian Romero: Digital Inking Basics
John K Advanced Inking 1


Shplartoons? That's what happens when I can't think of a better name for a cartoon blog. But it sounds funny! So I'm going with it. This will be my place for posting cartoons and comics that I'm working on and practicing in order to further develop and better my drawing skills, which, sadly have been slipping. So thanks to tons of cartoon bloggers I've been absorbing a lot of info and inspiration which I will be putting to good use.